Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Cream of the crop.

There are hundreds of written accounts about faeries and their lust for cream and milk. A faerie may clean a house or mend shoes or tend the garden for a home that leaves a saucer of the thickest cream or the freshest milk on the door step.
Many a farmer has gone to his barn at the crack of dawn, only to find that his best milk cow has been sucked dry by a greedy bunch of pixies. The only way to stop such thievery is to hang a horseshoe made of iron above the door to the barn. I have a brother who manifests this faerie problem impeccably. Belt buckles, watches, and other such jewelry give him major rashes that leave his skin blistered and red before it fades to leave the skin without any pigment at all.
My husband, having learned all the effective techniques for keeping a faerie wife happy and able to resist the call of her embedded wander lust, has perfected the art of a proper offering.
One of the most delicious things in the world is a plain old half and half coffee creamer. I do not drink coffee, but I can't help myself whenever I am at a McDonald's or other restaurant where they serve coffee. I have to take a handful of creamers and savor every drop.
All Hollows Eve is yet days away, but just a few nights ago, my husband brought me a gallon of thick, spiced, creamy liquid gold known as Egg Nog. Mixed with just a little milk to thin it up, the smooth taste just tickles my mouth and gives me the most satisfying feeling.
With snow already frosting the leaf laden ground, pumpkins perched like bulbous orange owls along sidewalks, and my young changelings unable to contain their excitement for up coming trick-or-treating, the arrival of Egg Nog, for me, symbolizes the official beginning of the holiday season.
I adore Halloween. I can not wait to assist my little "Dark Vader" and "Princess Giselle" to their preschool party or see my youngest toddle up the stairs dressed like a gleaming red and blue super girl and say "twick-tweet" and ever so carefully choose her piece of candy. But already I drive down the wet road picturing the decorations that will be hung on the lamp post along main street, and the lights that will twinkle in the dark, decking every house that is a home.
My autumn was short, but I had it. And I devoured it. Now, on to even better things!!


Camy K said...

I love reading your blog posts! They are a beautiful break in my most stressful of days and always make me smile.

Lindsey said...

I love the way you write:)