Friday, April 16, 2010

Spring, and the entry of the Summer court.

Unfortunately, I have no pictures to offer you, as my camera lens is broken. I am currently working on either getting it fixed or buying a new lens. In the mean time, you just have to deal with my lack of pictures.

Anyway, spring is in the air. Essentially, that means that there is a lot of wishy-washiness between the winter and summer courts.

For example, this morning started out bright and shiny at 45 degrees with the birds chirping wildly and bees busy building nests in all the nooks and crannies of my back yard. My children excitedly picked dandelions, which adorn my windowsills and my table, and my counter...and probably the washing machine too as my son brought me a few while I was down there loading laundry.

The day reached a solid 70 degrees before dipping into the low 40's again, with deep dark rain clouds and a whipping wind perfect for kite flying.

Some would say that that's spring in Utah. You get the whole range in one day.

Partially, this is true. Weather is a bi product of the Fae, not something that they consciously DO. But while the Summer Court is busy flinging it's romance into the air, Winter, particularly the young ones of it's court, is fighting the long hibernation it will take, like a child who makes excuses before bed time.
While I know that before long, I will be longing for the cool breezes of autumn, right now, I am anticipating the Summer Solstice, where the summer Fae will masquerade until midnight in their celebration of the first day of summer, and it will be much easier for me to capture them on film. After all, it IS the Summer Court who regularly lures men away. They want to be seen, they like to be known. Soon, I will have more pictures.

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