Wednesday, September 22, 2010

All the Gold of Autumn!

Twice a week or more, I drive a 45 minute distance around a mountain, and into the city to take my kids to preschool. It's a tedious drive, not only for myself, but also my children, who, despite two years of driving there regularly, cannot let me escape a single trip without the ever immortal phrase most ready on children's lips: Are we almost there?!
My answer, of course, is always yes. Even if we've just begun our trip. Because if the answer is 'no', I am answered to with cries, whines, and "I'm carsick!".
The trip around the mountain is actually quite pretty, though, despite the fact that mining into the center of the range has rendered the immediate premises barren of all Fae. The mountain is simply littered with the ruins of Dwarves, though, only those versed in their habits would realize it.
There once was a door to the Never-Never on the lake, though, with it's receding waters, which causes it to become constantly more saturated with salt, voiding it of any life at all besides the brine shrimp, that too has become dead.
Any Faerie on the mountain has died. Or if they are hibernating for the time being, awaiting the day when their land shall become theirs again, I pity the souls of those who are around to witness their waking.
Still, as the autumn air sets in, complete with shorter days, cooler temperatures, and rich colors, my children and i all find ourselves in awe at the vast patches of tall, wild sunflowers.
I do think some pictures are in order.
Stay tuned, check back. Hoping to post some within the next week or so.


Sweet Mummy said...

wow, looking at the pics in your sidebar... those are gorgeous things you have there! NICE!

new follower from MBC!

I enjoy the fall - it's one of my favorite times of year. Crisp cold mornings with a bit of frost and bright blue skies! Something in the air.... just right!

~ Sweet Mummy
It's OK to be WEIRD!

yonca said...

I am a summer person. But, i think
I'm ready for the fall NOW:)
Have a wonderful day!