Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Faith, Trust and Pixie Dust.

Faith, Trust and Pixie Dust

Pixie Dust. Tinkerbell, our dear fairy friend, has made Pixie Dust one of those universal things that everyone wants and wonders about. Now a days, it's automatically connected to Fairies of all kinds and shapes and sizes, and the truth of the matter is that there IS only SOME truth to this matter.

As of this weekend, I am the proud owner of 25 different kinds of "Pixie Dust", collected by no easy feats.

Of course, the vials are not larger than 3 inches each, and they're not labeled yet, which I really need to do in order to ensure proper use, but I am positively thrilled at the successful outcome of my efforts.

So, the question we pose is: What IS Pixie Dust?

Believe it or not, not all Faeries have Pixie Dust. Only the winged Fae do, and not only specifically the Pixies. Pixies, Tooth Fairies, Sprites, Sylphs and name only a few. I collected 25 samples, and that's only a very small number. It also extends to Dryads, though, in a lesser degree, as they don't have wings, but they are a larger and more hearty and stable relation to the Flower Fairies, who DO have wings.

Have you ever held a butterfly or moth in your hands? Especially as a careless child, did you ever notice the patterns of dust across your palms? Pixie Dust is much the same, though touching a Fairy's wings does not usually damage them the way a butterfly's wings or a moth's wings can be when touched. The simple reason is that a winged Fairy does not have a set amount of it. It's a byproduct that simply drips off of them. They're doused in it like water, soaking them to the bone, and it falls off of them wherever they go.

I love Peter Pan. I always have. I love reading the book, and I love the movies, no matter their discrepancies.

One of the most accurate things about the story's main Fairy, Tinkerbell, is how she exudes dust. You see trails of it as she flies, glowing and glittering to the ground. She simply moves and it sluffs off of her.

(at about 2:15- I absolutely love how Peter spanks her to shake off the dust. She looks so positively shocked and irritated. )

(45 seconds)

Does Pixie Dust make you fly? Coupled with happy thoughts, faith and/or trust?

No. Pixie Dust cannot make you fly. The only suspected possible flight enabling substance of the Fairy world happens to be RAGWORT, and even that is only hearsay for humans.
What Pixie Dust DOES do is grow things.
We are all familiar with Fairy rings, where one can spot, in the grass, a ring of darker grass, perhaps peppered with mushrooms. Pixie Dust is responsible for either of the marks. Mushrooms in your grass are a sure sign that a Fairy is around.

Of course, Pixie Dust doesn't just leave behind charming and welcome things, like the mushrooms growing like stairs up that oak tree out back, or the bright blue Lichen across mountain rocks, and soft grassy moss in the crotch of a tree- no doubt the very spot where our suspected Fairy rests her dear little head. Brambles-thorny bushes without any real use, Gypsum Weed- a hallucinogen that, used properly will make you THINK you're flying, pond scum and algae are also byproducts of a Fairy letting his or her Dust sprinkle without care.

I cannot wait to use my collected Dust. The outcomes will be wonderful, I am sure.

Don't worry- I'll post pictures!!!


Is Dis Normal or Dysfunctional? said...

gimme somea dat! I need a whole lotta magic these days....and I believe!!

I also have a tooth fairy storybook that I'm mustering the time to market.

Glad to have you at our Aspiring Writers group at MBC!

Kimberly said...

Thanks for the information. My four year old daughter thinks everything is pixie dust. Even sand. And we live on an island. I am enjoying how this has refreshed my perspective, I used to have a car filled with sand, now it's filled with fairy dust:)

Tatyana said...

This has yo be one of the most unique and coolest blogs on the internet! Following you back from

Debbie Maxwell Allen said...

Love this post about fairies! The fairy in my novel does not have pixie dust, but it's so fun to hear about the ones that do.


Jessie said...

Hi, I am your newest follower :) Thanks for stopping by my blog. Have a great weekend :)

Karen said...

Hi, I'm new a follower--what a beautiful collection of pixie dust. I would love to play with all of those much fun you will have! Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier today!

Selena said...

hey there! stopping by from your visit over at my blog, thanks to MBC! i just visited your sister site and am very pleased to discover your faith in the fae, and you beautiful creations! i am now off to check out your etsy store and add you as a favourite over there too! i am on etsy myself - please check it out and add me to your favourites as well if you like what you see!

i can't wait to come visit again!

all we need is a little faith love and pixie dust, right!

The Rheinlander's said...

Thanks for stopping by Keeping Up With The Rheinlander's! I've been a fairy follower for a while now!! Looking forward to more post : )

Anonymous said...

I have a "Stylish Blogger Award" for you :)

Happy Holidays!

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