Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Lilly's House Fairy

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Lilly's House Fairy
Three days ago, Brandon spent awhile in our front yard bedecking the front of our home with fake spiders webs for the Halloween season.
It's October. It's supposed to be chilly. The leaves are supposed to be changing and this is supposed to be my favorite season.
But I was lounging like a beached whale (I'm not kidding. You should SEE this pregnant belly of mine.) on the couch inside my air conditioned living room due the fact that it had gotten to about 98 degrees outside.
My kids were writhing in their joyous Halloween expectations, though, bouncing around the yard, squealing about pumpkins and their anticipated Halloween costumes.
But Lilly found something pretty extraordinary.
She came running in through the front door, my fairly authentic wicker witch broom swaying against the red painted wood, screaming "MOM!!!! I FOUND A FAIRY!!!!!!!!!!"
I sat up, of course very interested, and inspected the item she held in her little hands.

Indeed, she had found a fairy.
It's been months since we've seen these. Back in May and June they crowded in all the corners of our yard, against fences, in crevices, the crooks of trees and just about everywhere else.
Summer Faeries.
Of course, they're just veils.
A fairy may manifest it's physical form to a person if they want to, while at the same time remaining veiled to other's eyes. And sometimes, they may maintain their veil, and simply insist on staying put. Like a moth that always finds it's way back into your home.
After examining our little fairy, I told Lilly not to hurt her, but to put her back outside. In doing so, she skipped back into the house "Mommy, she doesn't want to go! She stuck to my shirt!"
I didn't really know what to say- it's rare that a fairy will pledge loyalty to a person. So Lilly closed the gap.
"Mom, I think I'll put her in my music box. Fairies like shiny things."
Lilly checks on her daily, and keeps a mirror, coins and keys in her box- among the costume jewelry expected in a 5-year-old's special box.
So far, Lilly's house fairy seems happy here.


Eschelle said...

this is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. Reminds me of when i was little when i lost a tooth she would be the "tooth-fairy" and she would sprinkle sparkles in a trail from teh window to my pillow lol. truly magical :); you have very lucky girls.

Leigh Edwards said...

I love visiting your site, true creative inspiration. I've given you a "Lovely Blog Award." When you get a moment, please stop by to claim your award.


Deana said...

I felt like I walked into fairy land when I came to your site:) It is so magical and I love it!

I am your newest follower and would love it if you could check out my blogs if you get a chance... (writing journey)
(mommy blog)