Sunday, August 16, 2009

My fae children

Lilly. When James M. Barrie said that faeries are so small they can only hold one emotion at a time, he was right. Lilly is sweet as pudding, affectionate and mothering. But she can throw a temper tantrum like a demon.

Mahone. Mahone is an Irish Gaelic name meaning Bear. Never has there ever been a more affectionate creature than this little shaddow walker. But never has their been such an escape artist either. Once, when he was not even 2 years old, I quietly watched him put on his winter coat, do a one handed pull up on the front door to unlock the deadbolt and slip outside to run down the street to the playground.

They are all pictured here, but my Scarlet- the youngest, was not able to sit still for any pictures better than this one. My, my, what words can not say. Scarlet probably is as much a fairy as I am, while the other two are more dragon like their daddy. See their golden hair and copper skin, chocolate eyes and ruddy cheeks? Scarlet is fair and has azure eyes. She also has a troublesome streak.

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