Sunday, August 23, 2009

Splattered with Gold

It is a well known fact in the fairy world that there is always gold at the end of the rainbow. Well, from what I saw today, the Wasatch mountains are rich with it.

As a fairy of the Winter Court, specific to Autumn, I have a tendency to make it rain whenever I want to do something outside- even if I need it to be NOT raining. I very dearly enjoy the rain, but it always seems to thwart my plans. I'm very serious about this. Camping trips, fairs, birthday parties, etc. If I plan, it WILL rain. I try very hard to be spontaneous and just pick up and go when the weather is in my Summer Court cousins' hands.
Today just happened to be one of those days. I woke up without opening my eyes, rolled over in the cool sheets of my bed, smelled those familiar earthy tones of Autumn creeping up, and tasted the dew of rain through my open window- wait, what? RAIN? UGH! I had to sit up and physically shake my fist.
For a month, my human cousins and I (not on the fairy side) had planned to go fairy hunting in one of my favorite spots and hopefully catch a glimpse and photo of a fairy or two. But everyone knows that even in the most refreshing of rainstorms, fairies are busy washing their gossamer hair in the bellies of leaves on their stems as crystal tears drip down from above. Their hair is already so swimmingly out of control that it takes them the entire length of the storm to do so! And once the storm settles, they huddle in their nests and clocks and corners, keeping their fragile wings out of harms way, and their cold little bodies sheltered from the wind. A rainstorm, even in the heat of August can be quite chilly when you wear next to nothing.

Unfortunately, and at the same time, fortunately, it is due to rain through Tuesday. We plan to go fairy hunting next weekend instead. (I happen to live in a human world, and not everyone can be as spontaneous as I am.) But it makes me lick my lips and shiver with pleasure at the thought of cloudy skies and dewy grass, stockinged feet on cold tile floors and sweatshirts. Tomorrow night, we may have to roast marshmallows on the grill at the back door while we listen to the thunder.
On the bright side, having to cancel this adventure opened the door to a new one. A birthday party for my husband's cousin (not on the dragon side). We weren't going to be able to attend because of the previous plans for fairy hunting. It was half way through the party when sheets of rain started pouring down, and my children were soaked to the bone on our way to the car. And it was about half way home that the pirate maps of the Leprechauns made themselves known.
All along those mountains, rainbows erupted in huge slides from one side to the other, dangled down like ribbons from the clouds to tease the ground where gold is burried. And I smiled because I believe it, and because now, all my money problems are solved...if only they would stay PUT!

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